We've developed database-driven landing pages for over 2000 celebrities. Blog posts, text links, even banners linking directly to a particular celebrity generate far better conversions. In our Link Codes section you can use our tool to generate dumps ordered by and/or showing celebrity name, linkURL, niche, date added, site featured on, and much more!
The next generation of banners, they auto-rotating banners generate tremendous click-thru ratios because they are interactive. When the surfer mouses over a particular thumb, just like on a Tube site the thumb animates. Additionally when a surfer clicks on a particular celebrity we automatically utilize our Celebrity-Specific Landing Pages to generate better conversions for you!
Want to show your surfers more content but don't want to pay the bandwidth bill? No problem! We've got hundreds of 3 to 5 minute hosted FLV clips for you! We add more every week for every site! You can easily create dumps of the URL to the clip, URLs to two thumb sizes, descriptions, categories, tags, date added, and more!
We've got a wide variety of flash and animated gif banners available to use in all the standard dimensions. Additionally whenever a new celebrity scandal breaks within 24 hours we've updated our tours AND added new banners highlighting the new content! These targeted and timely banners massively improve click-thru-ratios!
We provide thousands of Picture FHGs and Video FHGS (in .flv and .wmv) with more added weekly. We have multiple templates for both picture and video galleries. ALL our FHGS automatically utilize our Celebrity-Specific Landing Pages! Want to make your own? No problem! You can download just the templates and populate them yourself!
Our auto-morphing RSS feeds are a drop-dead simple way to populate your blogs with constantly updated content without hurting your search engine rankings. Of course your specific webmaster link codes are automatically embedded in every URL so you'll get full credit for every join. Every site on our network features a feed updated at least three times a week by our in-house writers highlighting the most recent celebrity scandals. Quality writing and timely topics generate better visitor retention for your sites AND better conversions!
Large-format interactive ads WORK! Our Filmstrip Ads are 710x320 and feature a rotating "filmstrip" of celebrities. Each ad contains stars specific to the niche/site promoted. The ads are also highly customizable with our simply WYSIWYG editor. Webmasters can alter the text, color, and font of the links above and below the filmstrip, change the background colors, and change the colors of the borders around the thumbs. We can also quickly build a further customized version for webmasters at their request with different pictures, links below each thumb, etc.
Nothing grabs a surfer's attention like breaking news! Fresh celebrity scandals always drive traffic and conversions! Our News Sliders deliver these hot news stories to your surfers in the form of a slide-up news alert in the bottom-right corner of your sites. The alert features ! The alert a picture of the celebrity, headline, location, and a text write-up. Rather than a tired boxy layout these alerts are narrow and tall so they stand out and so they cover less of your site real estate. Webmasters can "set it and forget it" because we automatically update our News Sliders with the latest scandals!
Our Movie Sliders slide up in the lower right-hand corner of the browser and display a short video (without annoying audio) clip of celebrity content specific to the site you choose to promote. We automatically rotate in a different clip every time the ad is called and we regularly update the ads with fresh new videos. Webmasters don't have to do a thing to get these updates. It's all automatic!
These ads mimic popular instant messenger clients and generate great traffic because they appear to be from real people. Simple and unobtrusive these are a great way to generate traffic without turning your site into a banner farm. Again, we update these regularly with the latest celebrity scandals to ensure the best possible performance.
Want to add additional ad inventory to your site without annoying your surfers? Nothing beats the Page Peel Ads. The top-right corner of your site appears to peel back inviting the user to mouse over to see more. Page Peel Ads generate great conversions because the surfers are actively choosing to view these ads.
Looking for something with more impact? Try our Half and Full Page Ads! They're perfect for entrance and exit consoles or interstitial ads! Instead of using the extra real estate to present scaled-up versions of our banners, our designers have crafted use the additional space to present more details about our sites which results in better click-thru-ratios and better conversion ratios.